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Apple’s Recent Research May Help Diagnose Depression

According to recent tech and medical publications, Apple Inc. is developing technology with the intent to help diagnose depression and cognitive decline, vying for new tools with the potential to expand the scope of the company’s increasing health portfolio. With a wide range of sensor data that addresses mobility, physical activity, sleep trends, typing behavior…

The Power of Dogs on Mental Health

More than just an adorable playmate and companion, dogs come with some pretty powerful mental health benefits. Did you know that caring for dogs (or other pets such as cats, rabbits, and even fish) can ease stress, relieve anxiety, and even encourage weight loss? Dog ownership can have significant positive effects on one’s mental, physical,…

3 Great Places to Mediate Near Lehigh Valley, PA

Depression continues to be a major health issue for older adults, affecting roughly 20 percent of adults ages 65 and older, and leading to higher risk of heart disease and death from illness. Though there are several ways to treat depression, many people who struggle with the disorder are not keen on the idea of taking medication. One great way to manage stress, and treat depression and anxiety without medication is through the regular practice of mindfulness and meditation, which has been shown to help your brain deal with such challenges.