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I was just about to enter my 20’s and leave the rotten teenage years that had, or at least to my opinion, been plagued by anxiety and depression. It had been a rollercoaster of a ride,
and one I wish I never had been. One that I’d hopefully be soon walking out of the exit on and entering a new life. That was my wish when I blew out my birthday candles for the past few years now. To leave depression and anxiety behind and move on with my life, that I was told had so much potential. Yet it was potential that I never could see, my vision cloaked in darkness. It felt like it had been forever ago when I just enjoyed the simple things in life, friends, family, sports, guitar, anything and everything. Enjoyment seemed to have slipped through my hands everytime and I never felt like I would ever get it back. Even when I my 20th birthday came around, I still had that old familiar feeling that nothing was going to change.

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of 13, I was put on some pills that I don’t even remember names off. It was almost more defeating taking pills and realizing
that things only seemed to get worse. After my junior year in high school I had been hospitalized 3 times for suicidal tendencies and thoughts. Within a span of two years I would be hospitalized 6 times total, all for the same reason. Each hospitalization seemed to take a little away at my hope of ever getting better. Even after being free from going back to hospital for over a year and a half I still felt my life was going nowhere. No desire to work, or go to school I was stuck living with my gracious parents, and my two brothers.

I remember leaving an out patient program for depression and anxiety and out of the blue, my parents mentioned to me something called to TMS. I initially dismissed as the whole thing as a lunatical way of trying to treat depression and anxiety. I then looked into it briefly and began looking at some of that statistics of chances of even a slight improvement were high, and side effects seemed next to nothing to me. Before long my parents had set up an appointment with Dr. Gross and the TMS Center in Allentown. Dr. Gross and his team gave me information on what exactly TMS does, and how it all works. I was surprised at the simplicity and yet complexity of it all. Despite not knowing what I was fully getting into I and Dr. Gross agreed to begin treatment as shortly as possible.

When I first arrived to my first treatment I was full of anxiety and not knowing what to truly expect. My anxiety was washed away by the calm and comforting staff, and Dr. Gross
himself. It wasn’t just a fluke day, the staff there are as pleasant and friendly as one could hope for. The treatment itself was just a light tapping on the side of my head, one that I soon forgot about. It seemed to me it was too good to be true.

Yet fast forward to the present day, and here I am stunned, and pleasantly surprised at the effects of TMS. It’s hard to describe the effects, but it’s truly one that I’m so very grateful for. The enjoyment in my life since entering the treatment, even midway through the short treatment period, has finally broken through the plane of depression. There is nothing better than just enjoying the fact to be alive, nothing can beat it for me at least, and that’s just how I feel currently. It’s been a kickstarter, or perhaps a catalyst in my life, and has given me a new hope. A hope that transcends all of the past years of depression.

I finally feel like I will be able to move on in my life, and begin to reach my full potential and purpose in life as soon as I finally listen to the final episode of the wonderful and unforgettable the serial podcast!! I am so looking forward to discussing the final episode with my lovely, delightful, and charming TMS technicians and most importantly with the person who changed me the most during this time, the magnificent and brilliant TMS VIP Coordinator, Cortney Gillen. I owe my life to her and maybe the other two!!!!!

I feel amazing, still have life circumstances that contributed to my depression – being a single mom, uncertainty about the future, empty nest syndrome concerns, complicated relationship with my mother, etc. However, I feel I now have the ability to cope with life’s challenges and be grateful for the opportunities to make life decisions

My friends and family have cried when they heard of my healing. I am so happy with the results of TMS. I am sharing my story with everyone I can in hope others can use TMS to return to the way I feel – hopeful, joyful and content

Thank you for giving me, my children and family “ME” back. I am here, I can think, laugh and enjoy the day once again

My debilitating depression is completely GONE! My relationship with my husband, son and daughter continues to improve. Little by little I am doing “normal” things. I feel hope and gratitude that I have been granted the change to live

My life has changed since TMS Therapy in so far as I am no longer frozen in the grips of anxiety to the point I didn’t want to be around people, didn’t want to talk to people and interest in anything was non- existent. Now these activities and thoughts are less intimidating do that I can visit with my family with a lot less anxiety. I have started sewing again and I am less moody and laughing and joking more after TMS. It’s like starting a new chapter in a book and I want to go on and see what’s next. I don’t feel hopeless or mentally stagnant anymore!

I felt like a black cloud was lifted off of me and I felt happy again, and had all my energy restored. I no longer dwelled on things I thought were bad and found the joy of life had returned

I now feel 100% better and have my life back. I am able to cope with stress, renew friendships and strengthen relationships. I am able to care for myself, my home and family

Since TMS, I don’t have to fight through the black cloud of depression to be myself. I just am. No fight. The lack of devotion of energy to being functional leaves me with more energy for other things. I’ve taken up yoga, starting eating better, and seeing my friends more. I finally feel like the “me” that I’ve always wanted to be