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How to Tell if You Have Summer Seasonal Depression

When most people think of summer they think of long days of swimming, kids playing with friends, taking family vacations and trips to the beach. Most people yearn for those warm summer days with the sun shining bright accompanied by a gentle breeze. For many, it’s the ideal time of year, but that isn’t the case for all. In fact, some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD, with the onset of summer.

6 Surprising Symptoms of Depression

When many people think of depression, they often think of feeling sad; however, depression can display itself through a variety of symptoms. Both men and women can experience depression, as can children, teenagers, and older adults. While anyone can experience depression, not everyone will share the same symptoms. While it’s common for a person’s depression to manifest through suicidal thoughts, lethargy, and feelings of sadness, there are lesser known symptoms that are just as prevalent. If you or someone you know is displaying any of the six following symptoms, it may be due to depression.

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How Do You Know if It’s Depression or Quarantine Blues?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wage across local communities throughout the U.S., many people are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. While feeling down is a normal reaction to the situation at hand, it’s important to recognize the difference between quarantine blues and clinical depression. If you’re unsure if you’re experiencing clinical depression or experiencing a typical response to the current situation, here are a few things to consider.