Can TMS Therapy treat neurological conditions other than depression?

In the past few decades, TMS therapy broke new ground in the field of depression treatment. With a proven track record of safe, effective results, TMS is now approved by the FDA as a recognized method for treating depression without drugs or invasive procedures.

Now researchers are exploring whether or not TMS Therapy can be used to treat other neurological conditions.

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Looking Beyond Depression

Even beyond depression, TMS therapy has been shown to have significant benefits for those suffering from other neurological conditions, including:

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TMS Therapy in the Lehigh Valley

At TMS Center of the Lehigh Valley, we’ve administered TMS treatment to over 300 patients, and we’ve seen impressive results in both response rate and remission. We are the premiere provider of TMS therapy for the Allentown area and beyond.

As TMS technology continues to develop, and we learn more about the brain and its functions, we look forward to all of the incredible applications we can implement.

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