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For Women’s History Month (and in general), we are proud to celebrate women and their incredible achievements, including how strong and successful they can be in the face of adversity and even abuse. There are numerous organizations and institutions in the Lehigh Valley that are dedicated to providing support for women who are victims of domestic abuse, including housing and mental health services. 


If you or a loved one are experiencing abuse and/or mental health challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to the organizations below for expert care and reliable support.


Turning Point of Lehigh Valley

Turning Point has been providing support for women in the Lehigh Valley for over 40 years. In 1978, the organization’s initial support group was granted nonprofit status and evolved into Turning Point of Lehigh Valley. Since its incorporation, Turning Point of Lehigh Valley (TPLV) has helped more than 85,000 victims of domestic abuse. Turning Point’s mission is to stop domestic and intimate partner abuse in the Lehigh Valley through empowerment, education, and engagement. 


Turning Point staff and volunteers are all trained to support victims of all types of domestic and intimate partner abuse. If you are in a domestic or intimate partner abuse situation or know someone who is and would like information, their staff is dedicated to providing help. All kinds of help,support, and information are offered through Turning Point of Lehigh Valley.


Turning Point’s Safe House Emergency Shelter provides housing within a communal living space. It works as a temporary refuge where a resident may access options like: counseling, community information, resources, individual advocacy, comfort, and security. Children’s accommodations and programs are also available. 


Haven House

Haven House provides mental health services to residents of Lehigh County and Northampton County. Haven House’s psychiatric rehabilitation services are offered to people 18 and up who suffer from a severe and or chronic mental illness. They specialize in outpatient services, psychiatric rehabilitation, and can provide you or a loved one with a wellness recovery team. They also offer psychiatric services, medication management, therapy, on-site and mobile psychiatric rehabilitation services, wellness recovery, support and therapy groups for all kinds of abuse and trauma. 


Haven House focuses on the five domains of psychiatric rehabilitation: living, learning, socializing, self-maintenance and working. Their skills-based program helps individuals work on their strengths while also being focused on recovery and bettering their sense of well-being.


To learn more about their services, fill out their contact form.


Bloom is proud to provide sanctuary and dedicated care to help heal, empower, and employ women survivors of sex trafficking. As a faith-based non-profit, our services are NOT based on a religious commitment. Bloom empowers women from all backgrounds to heal and create a new future through its 24-hour care emergency stabilization home, its two-year residential program, and its independent living housing.


Regardless of religious beliefs, Bloom’s saff provides unconditional acceptance, empathy, and grace for every person in their care. Their mission is to improve and elevate the independence of individuals having mental illness while supporting recovery and enhancing their quality of life.


Bloom operates four homes in the Lehigh Valley area to help women victims of sex trafficking throughout their entire recovery process, all while providing them with the hope to transition to new and better living. For example, Bloom’s Lilac and Lily Houses are fee-based, independent living opportunities for program graduates as they transition to a life of independence.