Mental Health

Podcasts have become more popular in the last few years than ever before, and it seems that for every subject you can think of, there’s someone out there with a microphone talking about it. This is great news for commuters, workout fiends, and pretty much anyone who likes to have some background noise throughout their day, and it’s also a great way to multitask and learn about new things. Of the many podcast topics out there, mental health is one of the most popular. There are podcasts about dozens of different mental health conditions, discussing the stigmas of mental health in our society, general wellness overall, the list goes on. Listening to these shows is a good way to learn about mental health and broaden your horizons on the subject, so here are a few podcasts about mental health that are worth checking out. 

The Positive Psychology Podcast

This is a podcast that covers a wide range of topics, from narcissism and humility to sex and self love. The entire show has the running theme of positive psychology, which focuses on not dwelling on the negatives and appreciating the positives in life, something that sounds cliche but can be very powerful in combating mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. This podcast has been running since 2014, so there’s a huge backlog of episodes to keep you from getting bored, and they range from thirty minutes to an hour in length and usually feature an interesting guest speaker.

The Anxiety Podcast

Have you ever listened to someone talk about mental illness when they’ve clearly never experienced it? The last thing you need to be told when you have depression is “cheer up, you have so much to be thankful for!” This podcast is not that. The Anxiety Podcast is run by Tim JP Collins, who has a personal history of anxiety and panic attacks and speaks from a place of experience about how to graduate from coping to thriving. While he’s not a mental health professional, he does strive to use his own story to help others reach a place of happiness. The episodes range from about 10 to 30 minutes in length, and this podcast also has a substantial backlog to keep you listening.

Meditation Minis

If you’re pressed for time but still want to devote some effort to improving your mental health, this is the podcast for you. These episodes use a wide variety of meditation techniques that aren’t married to one particular mindset, and they’re all ten minutes or less. Perfect for grabbing a moment of calm in a busy day, a quick listen to one of these Meditation Minis will have you feeling better in no time at all!

The Hilarious World of Depression

Not everyone responds well to a mental health approach that is very serious and grave. Sometimes, you just want to laugh about it! There’s no better way to do that than by listening to comedians who’ve struggled with depression riff on the condition for forty-five minutes. This podcast doesn’t beat around the bush and will surely get a few laughs out of you as you gain some insight on depression and what it’s like for other people to live with it.

Tara Brach

Tara Brach is a psychologist with a clinical psychology PhD, and her approach blends together Western Psychology, Eastern Spirituality, and mindfulness with an emphasis on meditation. Her lectures and guided meditations are sure to bring you some new insight, and they can vary in length depending on the topic at hand. If you’re looking for a podcast with a more spiritual approach to understanding mental health, this is the one for you!


Learning more about mental health doesn’t have to be the work of hours reading long dry books. Throw a podcast on while you cook dinner or exercise and you’ll find yourself enjoying a new perspective in no time at all! Whether you’re already a podcast lover or you’re new to the world, you’re sure to find one that resonates with you from this list or from the hundreds of other mental health podcasts out there.